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X-GPS track

X-GPS track Short Rent

X-GPS track Short Rent

SAVE NOK 189 by choosing an annual subscription


If your vehicle is stolen, you can easily and quickly find its location.
You can monitor your vehicles, machines, boats, etc. with this real GPS/satellite tracker and get the position in real time.

In general

X-GPS track LUX comes with a subscription that you can choose to pay on a monthly or annual basis.
When you order an X-GPS track, it is set up and configured on the server and the web portal and completely ready for use. All you have to do is mount and connect it to the 12V battery of your vehicle.
At the same time, you will receive an email with your login to the web portal. Here you can track your vehicle immediately after connecting it to power from your vehicle.
If you add the shortcut on your mobile, it functions as an APP and is quick to navigate to, rather than a web browser on your mobile.
Since the web portal is browser-based, you can track your vehicle on mobile phones, tablets, computers, anything that has a browser with internet access.
Web portal:


When you order a tracker here in the shop, it is fully configured and set up on the server and the web portal for online tracking.
You pay a fixed service of NOK 99 incl. VAT, delivery and setting up the tracker so that it is "Plug and Play" upon delivery.
The subscription includes a SIM card with EU data for approx. 20,000 km per month and access to the online real-time map portal
SIM card terms.

scope of delivery

1 x GPS tracker
1 x cable set with 4-pin connector
1 x Self-adhesive Velcro for mounting without screw holes
1 x SIM card, configured and ready to use on delivery.

30 day trial

You have 30 days to test X-GPS track. If it's not for you, doesn't meet your expectations, or you've simply regretted it, you simply send the tracker back and get your purchase refunded.

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It does not get any easier

Simple installation


report the theft to the police immediately

Catch the thief first

X-GPS Track LUX is a real GPS tracker, with precise satellite positioning, which you can mount on your motorcycle, car, truck, boat and anything else you want to be able to monitor.

Get a notification on your mobile if the vehicle is stolen and immediately report it to the police along with the exact location. Even when you're on vacation.


Keeps you updated

Get notifications when the tracker moves into or out of a zone you have defined. Eg. garage, driveway, boatyard, construction site or if the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.

Further information


Warranty: 2 years
Certification: CE
Material: Plastic
Network: LTE 4G
Positioning functions: GSM, GPS, GPRS, LBS, real-time positioning
Features: ANTI-Shock G-Sensor, Street View, Address Lookup, Speed, Geofence, Power Mode, Motion Detection, etc.
Data: Cloud-based storage
Positioning accuracy: 5 meters
Connection: 4 x Wires +/-, antenna and ignition. Minimum connection is +/- 12-90V DC
Battery: Built-in rechargeable backup battery with approx. 6-12 hours standby time and approx. 3 hours in use.
Dimensions (HxDxW): 17 x 45 x 85 mm

Power source

The tracker must be connected directly to 12V, either on the battery, or somewhere else in the wiring where you can make a power "thief" connection.
The tracker has a built-in battery as a backup in case of sabotage of the wiring or the main battery is discharged.

Power consumption

When the tracker is connected to the battery, the tracker has a power consumption on the battery. On a regular MC battery, there is still enough power to start the MC after 2-4 weeks of standstill. Set up a low battery notification and you'll automatically be notified when it's time to plug in a charger.


The GPS tracker must be connected to your vehicle's battery, either via current breakers in the wiring or directly on the battery's poles. Naturally, both cable lugs and power strips are included in the package. If you would rather have a workshop install the tracker, we can help you find a workshop near you.


Er du f.eks. håndværker, kan du nemt se hvor lang tid du har været hos den enkelte kunde og hvor lang tid bilen har kørt. Perfekt redskab når der skal faktureres.

Skal du lave kørselsregnskab kan det hurtigt gøres med udtræk af rapporter.

Træk nemt XLS filer som f.eks. kørebog indeholdende:

  • Dato
  • Start adresse samt tidspunkt
  • Slut adresse samt tidspunkt
  • Afstande

Definer selv perioden som rapporten skal indeholde.


When you order an X-GPS tracker, it includes server configuration and delivery to your address within a few business days. It is completely ready to be installed. You don't have to code or set anything up anywhere. We've done it all for you.


If you have a boat, car or motorcycle you want to monitor the location of, X-GPS track is the perfect choice. Should your vehicle be loaned out, or worse, stolen, you can easily find it, prove and document speeds and locations at any given time.
If you need to create a driving record, it is easy to extract reports with just a few clicks.


Do you have trucks, customer cars, tractors, rental/leasing of vehicles, or construction machinery. Then X-GPS track is the perfect solution for you. Whether it is for surveillance in relation to theft, Geo-fencing, fleet management or documentation in relation to "crazy driving" or calculations of hours at a specific address, we adapt the functions to your needs, at no extra cost! We don't have basic or premium versions, we tick the right boxes, at a transparent flat low price.


If you have problems logging in, creating a GEO-fence, extracting reports, or anything else, support is of course free. We are happy to help you get started using the functions on the screen via a virtual meeting.